Policy Delivery

As a part of signing the Application Document, customers agree to e-delivery wherever permitted by law. Either of the electronic delivery methods outlined below tend to be preferred by both Partners and Customers. When e-delivery is not allowed by regulatory authorities Boost is equipped to handle whatever the requirements may be.

WebhookIf you want to display Policy Documents in your front end Boost will deliver the documents directly to you. Once docs are generated, Boost will issue a webhook and you can pull the documents down.
EmailBoost’s standard delivery option is emailing the Policy Documents directly to the Customer. When Boost delivers docs directly to the Customer, you can still access them by pulling them down from our servers.
Postal ServiceRarely, regulators for some Products require that Policy Documents are delivered via certified mail. Boost manages this through a partnership with LOB. Upon Policy issuance Boost will trigger delivery programmatically without you having to take action.

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