Boost JSON API Extension

The JSON:API Specification has not yet established a way to create related objects in a single call. Since this is required to perform certain PAS actions in insurance, we have extended the JSON:API Specification to enable this functionality. We support this by allowing for an “included” section in resource creation (POST) requests, that defines all objects that are to be created together with the main resource. A Local ID (“lid”) in the “relationships” section references each included object.

If Boost did not take this step then actions like generating a quote would be significantly slower as information would have to be passed in many calls rather than in a single payload.

We expect the JSON:API Specification to create a standardized process to support these operations in the near future, at which point we will update the Platform to adhere to those standards.

Boost API Docs

For more details on the Boost Extension, and to see the implementation as related to each specific Boost Program head over to the Developer Portal and look at the API Docs.

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