Claim Creation

First Notice of Loss (FNOL)

The claims process begins when a Customer submits information regarding a potential loss. You may want to control the user experience on the Claims side and choose to build out a front end solution for FNOL just like you will for Quoting. This ensures that Customers have a cohesive experience that feels familiar. If creating a claims portal is not attractive, Boost can offer a white-label FNOL intake page that would show your colors and logo.

An alternative to policyholders reporting FNOL via the API is calling a dedicated claims specialist to report the claim.

While providing FNOL the Customer may go through a series of questions to report their loss. Alternatively you may wish to simply have Customer's upload a receipt with all the relevant data and obtain the information that way. The required information varies by Product but will include things like what happened, time period and estimated loss.

Supporting Documentation

When submitting FNOL most Customers will have some supporting documentation to assist in the claims process. For example you might expect that a vet bill would accompany the FNOL for a Dog Sniffle Coverage Claim. Boost will work with you to make it clear exactly what kind of supporting documentation could be required per Claim. In the event that a Customer does not have the standard documentation at time of FNOL, a claims specialist will follow up during the adjudication process.

What’s Next