Policy Cancelations

The reality of insurance is that at some point either you or a Customer may elect to end a Policy early. You can expect that the vast majority of cancelations to be the result of a Customer not meeting their payment obligations, this is a cancelation for non_payment . Regardless of why a Policy is being canceled you can facilitate the change by issuing a DELETE to /policies. As a part of the cancelation you will need to provide a reason for the change. The options that Boost supports are below.


In cases where the Customer has not paid for their Policy you can start the cancelation process. States regulate Non-Payment cancelations, and the rules vary by Product, but they generally provide a grace period and mandate Boost physically mail the Customer a notice. During Product configuration, Boost will issue you a document laying out all of the relevant non_pay regulations.


When a Customer elects to cancel their policy, regulators may not allow companies to mandate a reason be provided. In cases where the Customer chooses to cancel their policy Boost will fulfill the request in accordance with local regulations.

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