Creating a Policy

The Policy issuance process picks up where the Quoting one left off, with a Quote in convertible status and a Customer with an Application that needs to be signed.


In order to complete the Application process the Customer must e-sign the Application. Boost uses PandaDoc to offer e-signature capabilities. Typically, Boost sends an email containing an Application (with your desired branding and copy) with e-sign functionality directly to the Customer. If you desire this feature to exist within your own front-end environment, Boost can provide a PandaDoc Session ID which you can implement into your system.

Once the Application Document is signed, Boost will issue a webhook letting you know that all Supporting Documentation is complete and that the Quote is now in convertible state.

Partner Checkout Flow

As with other Customer facing operations, the checkout flow is generally controlled by Boost’s Partners. Assuming you want to control the checkout flow and your Product has multiple payment options (monthly, quarterly, annual) then you will have to pass that information in when hitting /policies to generate the Policy. You can read more about different billing options in a dedicated section below.

Premium Financing

You may decide to provide premium financing options during the checkout flow. Premium financing makes policies more affordable to Customers and can provide you additional revenue. Boost is happy to enable these relationships but expects you to handle all interactions with your outside financing partners. Boost will not bill premium financing companies and instead will bill you directly, regardless of any premium financing.

Policy Document Generation

Policy information, Rate and any regulatory documents are provided to the customer in a set of Policy Documents. This packet outlines all of the terms and conditions of the Insurance being provided.

The Boost PAS will automatically generate the Policy Documents when you create a Policy and will deliver them based on the options below.

What’s Next